Our Story

Pickle Licious founder Robyn Brown Samra (known as “The Pickle Lady”) has a passion for pickles. In 1993, Robyn was a struggling waitress who just wanted to improve the lives of her two small children. So, despite having limited resources, she vowed to follow her dream of starting her own business. She decided to open a booth at a local flea market. And as a Jewish kid from Jersey who was practically raised on pickles and bagels, Robyn felt confident that pickles would be a runaway bestseller.

Together with her brother Jay, Robyn sold pickles at flea markets and street fairs throughout the New York and New Jersey area. It was there she met her husband, Leo, who soon also joined the family business. They opened their first Pickle Licious gourmet store on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in 1997.

Life threw Robyn another curveball when Leo passed away suddenly in 2001. Overnight, she became a single mother and widow who was left to run the business alone. But instead of giving up, Robyn kicked things into overdrive and expanded the business tenfold. She opened a Pickle Licious store closer to home in Teaneck, New Jersey, and began selling pickles at farmer’s markets all over the state, with daughters Alex and Taylor by her side.

Before long, Pickle Licious was being written up in The New York Times and New York Magazine, and featured on MTV and CNN. Pickle Licious won many prestigious local awards, and was voted “Best Pickles” by the Jewish Standard Newspaper for eight years in a row.

Things were looking up for Robyn personally as well as professionally when she tied the knot in 2010. Her husband Ray shared her love of pickles and enthusiastically joined the family business, ramping up online sales and shipping. Her daughter Alex handles retail, events, and social media. And her daughter Taylor develops new products as a recent grad of The Culinary Institute of America.

When Robyn started her business, customers would often share memories of waiting on line to get pickles on the Lower East Side. Today, customers share memories of going to Pickle Licious with their parents and eating pickles on a stick. Robyn is honored to play a part in so many treasured childhood memories.

Pickle Licious can now be found at over 45 weekly farmers markets throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.


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